TruStile® offers an extensive standard product offering. With over 400 style options, 66 profile options, and unlimited material options, their made-to-order manufacturing process enables them to make custom modifications to obtain your desired look with the functionality you require. All of these innovative custom options with short lead times make Trustile® a preferred option for your project.

If you are looking for a high-quality paintable door, Trustile®’s doors are second to none. The premium MDF material coupled with rich profile and panel designs give these doors a true architectural look. All of their doors have a hardwood Wedge® edge system in both edges of the door to give it greater rigidity and superior screw-holding power. Homeowners, builders and architects looking to match a historic door specification will find that this is a great strength of Trustile®. We can specify exact door size, panel configuration, stile and rail width, sticking profile, panel profile, and/or glass style to match what you are looking for.

  • Superior MDF materials
  • Authentic Stile and Rail construction
  • Hardwood door edges for rigidity and screw-holding power
  • Countless door style options
  • Short lead times

For more information, visit the Trustile® website, or contact a Midwest Window & Supply representative.