Resinart specializes in a material called Duraflex™. Duraflex™ is a flexible molding that can be used in applications such as arched windows, bowed windows, curved stairwells, ceiling domes, curved walls, etc. It is a cost-effective alternative to curved wood. With so many profiles available, we are sure to be able to match the molding in your home.  If we don’t find the molding that matches, Resinart can product custom molding from your wooden trim.

Midwest Window & Supply would recommend Duraflex™ to any homeowner, remodeler, or contractor. It meets and exceeds our high-quality standards and has the ability to complete any home with arched applications. Duraflex™ has all the advantages of arched wood, but with a more competitive price point.

  • The appearance of real wood
  • Ease of installation using standard woodworking equipment- cut, sand, shape, and finish like wood
  • Seamless construction without  lamination defects
  • Moisture proof. Insect proof. Withstands extreme heat and cold temperatures without warping

For more information, view the Resinart product catalog, or contact a Midwest Window & Supply representative.